Apr 4, 2012

5 More Days...

Before i’ll be leaving my home for good. Dad wanted me to join the summer bridge program UP will be having on the 9th. It’s sort of like a 40-day training for freshmen in preparation for college. I didn’t want to join but i come to think that it’s for my own good, though most probably i’ll be feeling homesick knowing that this is the first time that i’ll be living alone. Well not really alone, because i’ll be meeting new friends there. But the fact that my parents aren’t with me just sucks. I am not independent. I was used to having them with me like almost all the time. I’ll be “jailed” for more than a month and that’s way too long already.

I don’t know what i’m feeling right now. Seems like i’m excited yet i’m having cold feet about the thought that i will be leaving already and staying in a place with strangers for forty freaking days. How come time flies so fast, aye?

I must learn how to be self-reliant. I must learn how to not trust anyone that easily. I’m in a new nature already. Everything goes back to zero. I’m just hoping that this would turn out to be more than what i’m expecting - that i would catch myself saying i don’t want it to end. Please, Lord.

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