Jul 21, 2012

Didn't See This Coming

Have you ever had someone whom you considered your bestfriend that turned out to be the other way around? I mean, a bestfriend that would leave you hanging somewhere between the line and in just one snap, would treat you as a total stranger. Well i did. We were inseparable and blithe; we made big, big plans for our future together; we were partners in crime; we were more than sisters… but what happened?
She turned out to be very different from what i expected of her. Thus, a total opposite of the bestfriend i’ve known from the start. I don’t understand why she needs to treat me this way. I don’t know what made her do these to me. I couldn’t even recall a single thing i did that would be the reason for this whole issue.
She has been tweeting stuff on twitter about these and that. Not to sound assuming but i have this strong feeling that she was referring to me.
  • I’ve just realized something today, i’m so not gonna change my high school best friends for anyone else.
  • You’re too good to be true sweetie. That’s why i don’t like you. Sorry.
  • I once had a best friend that’s now a stranger.
  • I was wrong when i thought u were my bestfriend. Sorry, but i jst realized there is nothing compared to my highschool bestfriends.
  • If u said you would do this, & that, be sure u mean it cause i hate expecting for nothing. get it?
I’ve been crying and venting for three straight nights to my guy friends (simply because they were only the ones who never fail to understand me), and to my mom. It was such a relief knowing i still have them to listen to me no matter what, and i’ve learned and realized things which made me think i was a total loser the whole time. I should have told her to be extra tactful of her words – just because we’re bestfriends, doesn’t mean she could insult me anytime she would want to. Truth be told, i was only concealing my thoughts of her tactlessness, and was only keeping my feelings to it. I shouldn’t have let her manipulate me in some ways, and i shouldn’t have let myself be too attached with people like her, knowing i’m very much sensitive.
The friendship is over, i guess? I never regret meeting her, though. I’m already trying to distance myself from people. I shouldn’t get too attached easily for me not to get hurt so much. If she wants reconciliation, why not? But i assure that things will never be the same again. I already learned lessons, and what she did was enough for me to realize that she’s not the type of bestfriend i would have for the rest of my life.
I know God let this happen for a purpose, and i’m looking forward to knowing what it is.

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