Nov 22, 2011

Test with death

Last Friday, i went home very pissed off and tired. I can't even remember why. As soon as i finished changing clothes, i hit the bed. Mom woke me up for me to eat dinner. Since i wasn't in the mood, i only ate a few. After such, i lied down again. Mom kept on telling me not to sleep 'cause i might have nightmares or stomach upset. "Yes mom, yes mom", i said. I was just listening to music then i never knew i was asleep already.

Zzzzzz. We had a prom at a very weird place. Let's say, it looked like Hogwarts. Uhm. It has lots of stairs and it was very dark. Pretty creepy, right? I was collecting money for that event, then we had a tour inside the building. I was with my friends, but then i was too busy counting the money i collected. Moments after, the place was soooo silent. My friends were gone, and all i could see are stairs. I am a coward, so you already know what i did. Hahaha. I ran down the stairs then a schoolmate told me not to go down because no one's there. So, i stood up for a while then she disappeared out of nowhere. I became hysterical then ran to the direction where my feet took me. I found a door, opened it, then fell off the building. They say you wouldn't know that you're already dead. I was lying on a very clean carabao grass with butterflies flying around. It was the perfect place!! I saw Rani and Germaine coming. They sat down in front of my grave. But take note, i still didn't know i was dead. Rani kept on talking then she cried. I tried talking to her but it seemed that she never heard anything. I was about to pat her but my hands just passed her body. Well, you know what i mean. I can't touch her anymore. Then i tried it again and again. Still, i wasn't successful of touching her. That was the moment i knew i was already dead.

Then suddenly i woke up. I wasn't able to move freely ahead. I can't even breathe properly that time, then i was soooo cold. Something was really wrong!!! My heart started pounding so fast. The moment i was able to move, i held the hands of my sister, making sure that it was only just a nightmare! I became paranoid for a moment of time. It woke up 3 o'clock in the morning then slept again by around 4.

I considered my nightmare a test with death but i guess it meant something else -- God wanted me to realize that i'm not yet ready to die. Thank you, Lord!!! ♥

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