Oct 13, 2011


‘Cause when you’re fifteen, somebody tells you they love you, you gotta believe ‘em. Lalalala whatever. Last 20th of September was one of the best and probably the most memorable birthday bash i had. Woke up very early to the sound of my phone beeps, and it made me smile. As the day went on, my phone stayed silent. I kept checking on it to see if there’s someone who greeted me, but sadly none. Oh well. I thought that was alright. Perhaps, it was still very early that time. Before i arrived at school, dad gave me 500 pesos. Like seriously. That was the first time. He knew that i really wanted to buy a shoe i showed him. So yeah, i was very thankful. As soon as i entered the gate, or yeah, the school, i heard people shouting happy birthday everywhere. I was like wow. But the thing that really made me smile were the scribbles that my classmate wrote on the board as soon as i arrived at our classroom. I felt really special that time. Everyone started to sing me a happy birthday song with all those booms using the divan. Hahaha!! I wasn’t really expecting for that! Even my schoolmates went to the classroom to greet me.

We went to the covered court for the vocational symposium thingy. The joy was really evident on my face. Lol. As i walked through the corridors, my friends were shouting “happy birthday Maweeeee!!”. That awkward moment!!! Everyone was staring at me and i’m just like “hehe thank you!”. Hahaha. I’m not really used to those things. It rarely happens during my birthday. In fact, i think that was the first time! I felt really blessed.

My phone continued beeping the rest of the day. I even saved those messages for remembrance. Teehee! Well, so many things had happened. Things really turned out the way i didn’t expected it to be. My grandparents even bought me a gallon of Mocca ice-cream. They really knew that was my only wish for my birthday. Hahaha! I love you ma and pa! ♥

My parents also treated me a dinner at Cafe Uno. Priceless times! And oh, the thing that i won’t really forget was when my other grandma gave me lotsa gifts. Perfumes, clips, blouses, and necklaces. And!!!! 500 pesos, again. I almost cried that time. That was too big you know, well, for me. Didn’t stopped thanking God for that.

I also received gifts from unexpected people. From Prince!! He gave me a Superman shirt. Well, not really that “superman”. He just bought a white shirt then let it printed with a superman sign. Awesome right!!!! And also, from Edward, a Toblerone with a superduper awesome poem. Thanks a lot!!! :)

I really felt blessed that day. More than blessed, i say. I was just frustrated the fact that i haven’t had the chance to go to the church to light a candle and thank God for the blessings. Oh well. God knows i’m more than thankful!

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  1. Happy to read that you're happy on your birthday. Sad to say though na super belated na ang aking gift. Hehe.


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