Sep 10, 2011


I just wanna let this out.

Dad got my grades just this morning at school. So, i heard i was still an honor student. Thank God!!! When he arrived home, i was smiling when i approached him. Got curious because as if he wasn't satisfied with my grades. When i've seen it, i was a bit happy. Almost all of my grades were above 90 except Math. Hello? I even got scolded. I accepted the fact that he never appreciates me, even just for once. My flaws are the ones that are always being recognized. But the most heartbreaking moment was when he compared me with someone. Someone very intelligent that i looked up to myself as a dim-witted damsel. Oh come on. Let's be honest here. I hate my dad for that reason. Maybe that's also the reason why i am not that close to him. He's way different from my mom. I also find it unfair when he always praise my sister when she's doing good, then as if he ignores my sister's mistakes. I'm jealous, yes. I just want him to appreciate me. Is that too much to ask? It just hurts so bad. I admit i cried a while ago, but nobody in the house knew. Well, i'm quite used to it though -- having no one to lean on to. I'm gonna stay strong, and prove them all wrong.


  1. Hey, I am always here for you and you know that. How come you never told me about this? I was totally unaware that this has been happening. To whom did he compare you with? PM me on FB.

  2. Thanks tita! I'm sorry for not telling you about this. Uh, their friend's daughter. Duh, it's pretty obvious she's better than me.


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