Sep 8, 2011

Sept 8

Happy birthday, Mama Mary!!

So this day was very special. We only went to school just to have mass for Mama Mary :) After which, unexpected things happened. We were all startled when Ma'am Hilda announced that some casts of the film Watawat, is coming. The people were like OMG really?. Haha. So, we had a short break. After, we all gathered again at the covered court. While waiting, a student entertained us through singing. Jaw drop. She was totally amazing!!! She makes me jealous plus she makes me wanna have a really good voice. Finally! Carlos Morales arrived. Darrrrn!! He's so hot, you know. But really, i don't find him that handsome. He's just.. Hot! Lol. So, someone also arrived from Showtime and PGT, i guess? They were good in beatboxing! Filipinos really are talented. Winks! There came a time wherein they asked who knows how to sing, dance, and beatbox. Seemed like PGT was at NDDU that time. Hahahaha!! Maristas were all good, trust me ;)

My inbox beeped and i read the message. Someone wants to talk to me. My heart was beating so fast that i don't know what to do. I asked my friends for a help and they joined with me as i met with that guy. I love my friends!!!! So yeaaaaah. It was awkward. Really awkward. Hello? I was the one who told him to sit down just to have the conversation done 'cause i was really hungry. Great, just great. It was pretty obvious that he was nervous. So i was the one putting an effort to make the convo alive. Lol!!! I was telling him to chill. Afkdgjfdklg that was funny. Hahaha!

My friends and i decided to eat at KCC. Unplanned moments are the best!! We were undecided where to eat at first. We went inside Jollibee, then went out. Hahaha!! So, we proceeded to KFC. We ate there. Priceless times! After which, we strolled again. We got bored so we went home. I had fun, srsly. Thanks friends! :)

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