Sep 6, 2011

Mixed feelings

This day really didn't turned out great. Well, i don't know. So, here's the thing.. This day was the Marista's back-to-reality day after those very long unheavy weeks. While at school, it was pretty evident that the students were still feeling lazy. Teachers called it aftershock. Lol! As if i don't know how to write anymore. My hands were freezing. Weird. Even some of our teachers felt that way. Reality? Heehee.

Our exam results on AP were distributed for us to be aware of our performance. I was sort of electrified when i saw my score. 105 out of 117. Heck yes!!!! Can't stop smiling that time. But here came the Math results. I was really expecting for a low score simply because i know i got so many blank items. Screw the time limit. I got my paper and saw my score. Those moments were very melancholic! Even some of my classmates can't believe that i only got 50 out of 105. It should be 65 if only i got that formula right!  Darn it, darn it. So, what should i expect? I was very down that time. Good thing some of my friends were there to cheer me up, especially the bestest of all the bestfriends -- Matthan.

Oh well. C'est la vie. The first cut's the deepest, they say. Btw, bought ice cream for myself earlier. I was obsessed with ice creams since last Friday. As if i can't last the day without eating one. What happened? Hahaha!! Ice creams are my happiness. Yes please.

Mawee, you needa get over it. Grades are just numbers. Okayyyy? Smile!!

Also watched the documentary film, Watawat. It was nice but i got sleepy due to the cold temperature. Phew! We were expecting for celebrities to come just because they said so. But duh? We didn't found one, even a shadow. Okay.

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