Sep 5, 2011


I still can't believe that Intramurals 2011 is finally over. Like, hello? This is my last year staying in highschool yet i haven't felt the excitement during the certain event. Time fleets so fast! It didn't turned out the way i expected it to be. To be honest, it was boring. Of course, the practice sessions are an exception. I had fun dancing and sweating. Lol, also making friends with the lower years! I'm gonna be missing those times when some of my classmates and i are going home late just because of those friggin' props, and also those times when we laugh so hard that we don't even care who's watching over us. So many things happened.

Last Friday was the last day of our intrams. It was the first time that we had it half day. Darn it! But anyway, we had the chance to stroll in the mall. I was with Karla that time. Yes, my bestfriend since birth. Heehee. It was unexpected, really. I only got forty pesos with me so we had a hard time choosing where to eat lunch. We ended up at Chowking. Hahaha!! After eating lunch, we went around the mall. After two hours, i think? We got tired of walking. We can't find any seats available so we need to go inside a resto and eat for us to rest for a while. Hello, Dunkin Donuts. We were so amazed with its new look. Lol! So, we went inside and picked those jumbo doughnunununuts. I was shocked upon paying for it cost twenty-five pesos! Good thing i still found coins in my wallet. So yeah. We had a girl talk. Guess what!!!!!! We had these imagine-if moments. Crazyyy. The people were like looking at us wondering why we were laughing so hard and at the same time blushing. We didn't care! We stayed there for an hour. Seriously. That was more than enough. Lol.  We went up the third floor. We were puzzled why there were many people staying there, as if waiting for someone. Sooo, we found out Coco Martin would be there! We waited for a couple of minutes but eventually lost our patience, so we went home. Hahaha!!

Hey awesome! If ever you'll read this, thank you. Those moments were really priceless! I'm looking forward to that imagine-if times to happen again. Our secrets will forever remain as secrets. Okay? We're awesome, and we know that!! I love you. ;)

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