Jul 30, 2011


Photo edited by me.

Hi. It's been a while since i haven't blogged about something. Haha!! So, this week was not that good. We were scolded by our subject teachers for like the whole week. Of course it was not a good thing on our part, especially that we were trying our best to be better. But i think the best wasn't enough. So, what we did was apologize. We really sang a song for Ma'am Ann knowing that she cried while nagging at us last Tuesday. We prepared everything and it turned out successful.

You don't have to read this part. Lol. Last Wednesday, i was bored that time 'cause we were dismissed earlier than expected, i walked around the classroom while reading messages on my phone. I didn't noticed he was playing around. You know who i mean. Hahaha!! So, as i turned my head up, he accidentally hit me. Good thing there was a chair behind me! If not.. We would really embrace the floor. Hahaha. My hand was hurt, though. Well, obviously he asked for pardon. I walked out 'cause i was really hurt. He chase after me then said sorry. Asdfjkdgjlfdg!!! I wasn't expecting that. But i was not really on my mood that time so i ignored him. He kept on saying sorry then i smiled. Well, who wouldn't? :p

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