Jul 16, 2011


God is really good.

This morning, i came to school crying. Some of my friends noticed then asked me stuff. I was trying to explain what i really feel but i just can't. They couldn't understand me. Maybe because they haven't experienced the same thing that i'm experiencing right now. The review class started, yet i can't stop crying. Everyone was asking what's wrong but i just shrugged my shoulders then wiped my tears.

I wasn't on focus while taking the review simply because many things were playing on my mind.  The feeling when you want someone to talk to, but you're afraid that you're gonna disappoint them just because you can't really explain what you wanted to express.

So, after the review, i helped in polishing our project in Entrepreneurship then went home 'cause i wasn't really feeling good. As if i wanted to lie down on my bed and sleep. Upon arriving home, one of my bestfriends called me. She was asking where am i. So i really forgot that i still need to attend Patricia's birthday party. Tsk tsk. I wasn't really in the mood to go but i know they could make me feel better, so yeah. I asked my mom to drop me by at Pat's house. We only live in the same subdivision, just so you know. Hahaha!!

At first, i felt a bit awkward. It's not easy to change moods right away, am i right? Okay. They handed me a piece of cake then after, we were all jam-packed at Pat's room. We were like sardines. Ralph played a movie with his laptop, so we didn't got bored at all. After the guests went home, only us, the SMG, were left. Well, just some of us. Lights were turned off 'cause we wanted to feel like we were in a movie theatre. Cooooool!

After two movies were played, some secrets were revealed. We got bored so we talked about some people. That's the trend.. our trend :p It was really fun!! Then we were all cuddling then had some jokes. Others were green! Lol. We also had our asaran. That was the best part of the day. I think it lasted for two hours? We were all dying of laughing. We didn't even noticed the time. When we went out of the house, it was already dark! We decided to walk around and all 'cause we don't want this day to end. If only we were allowed by our parents to have a sleepover..

I never expected my frown to turn upside down this day. I never expected it to end in a good way. It was the first time that we, the SMG, went home together in one vehicle. We were all noisy!! Well, what do we expect? Hihi. I'm going to miss this day!!! Promise. Eventhough i started it in a bad mood. God is love!! SMG just made me feel like i'm the happiest person alive this day. Lol yeah!

We never thought of studying for the mastery test on Monday. What matters is that we had a good time. We used to be so attached with each other. But when we parted sections, it isn't the same anymore. But!!!! Just this day!!! We all felt goooood. The bond was just the best!! We were not awkward or what. We stayed the same as what we were when we're still sophomores.

This day is cherished, loved, and will never be forgotten! I love SMG always and forever.

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