Jul 12, 2011

Stop it, you!

Last year. There's this guy, a skater to be exact. He is more like Annoying Orange, trust me. Well, it all started with a text message. At first, i was really hesitant to reply to his texts but since i'm always bored, i reply for the sake of not being bored at all. But he's boring!! Lol. K. Until it came to the point that i got sick then he knew about it. He asked for my full name then i gave it ahead. Duh. Then i was shocked, really shocked, when he sent a message to all his contacts asking them to pray for me 'cause he loves me. Seriously dude. From that day on, i didn't reply to his texts anymore. Hahaha i told him i already have a.. you know.. boyfriend.. even when i didn't really had. White lies!! Teehee. Few weeks after, he started to annoy me again and all. I still don't reply.

Just this year, last summer if i'm not mistaken, his text message scare the heck out of me. He was asking if he could court me. Did he took drugs or what? He haven't seen me. i haven't seen him. Then, he'll tell me he loves me? Was that some kind of joke? I eventually said no. I'm not that dumb. After that, he used to call me and everything. He's annoying times ten to the power of a million. He's even that desperate to ask me where our house is located 'cause he will visit me there. Guys nowadays.

They used to stay near the vicinity of our school. So, upon going home, i got the chance to finally see his damnfcking fugly face even just for a second. Lol meanie. I was with Karla that time. I asked her what the skaterboy was wearing then.. i puked. Lol joke.

I even discovered that he's having the digits of majority of the girls from our school. Seriously. What kind of specie is he? Weeeeeird. If only i have the guts to tell him how annoying he is. Sighs.

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