Jul 12, 2011


So i was expecting that this day would turn out good. But, darn! It turned out the opposite. I started the day being pissed off, as usual. Then, i saw him, then poof! He became Koko Crunch. Lol joke. Of course, what do you expect? A smile will be drawn on my face. Hahaha! And another, there's this girl classmate of mine. I don't know, but i always find her irksome. Whatever she does just irritates me. All. The. Time. I'm sorry.

In Entrepreneurship, we had our quiz. Guess what, i got three out of ten. Darn it!!! The question was just soooo easy then how come i only got three? Okay whatever. Then, we had our group activity by five members. Well, what is life. That girl classmate who i find really irritating.. yes, we were groupmates. Damn damn damn. There came a time when Ma'am asked our group a question then i let her answer it simply 'cause she did nothing. She was like hey what should i answer? My groupmates including myself were just blankly staring at her. Ma'am Hilda started counting. If she couldn't answer, then we'll be having zero. My groupmates and i had the same expression. Like really. We shouted at her the answer in chorus. Great. We only got two out of five.

I've realized it's not only me in the class who hates her.  Even some of my classmates agreed with me that she's irksooooome. Hahahahaha!! Truth hurts.

Computer period, my favorite. We're taught of making html's. I could totally relate to the subject matter and i find it easy. Yep!! Because i already got used to editing html's of themes on Tumblr. Ha! Advantage on my part. Lately, Sir Edwin gave us four activities to finish. Spell chicken. I've done it in less than one hour then rushed to the classroom to change clothes for the CAT.

Because of too much panic, i didn't noticed my hairnet fell. Hello, CAT scenario. Sir Jerome asked all the girls to face backwards, for him to check the hairnets. I was real shocked when he shouted, Mawee! No hairnet?. I was like what? I just wore it a while ago. Then, i touched my hair and noticed that it wasn't really there. Daaaaarn!! And because of that, i got a deduction of three percent on my CAT grade. What a shame!! I was really disappointed that time. The smile on my face turned upside down.

When i got back to our classroom, Ariel gave it to me and said that he found it under my chair. Great, isn't it? I don't know what to feel anymore. I've been frustrated the whole day which is really not usual of me. Oh well! Shit happens. Totally not my day.

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