Jul 11, 2011

Every morning

I always ride the car with a frowning face. Why? Okay, so just shut the fudge up about this. My parents are the slowest-moving creatures on earth, especially my mom. Lol. And that's the reason why i always get pissed off every morning. In my entire highschool life, i've never been late. I'm serious. But since the day that my parents decided to go with us every morning when we go to school and they go to their offices, my heart's always racing in fear. It's as if they don't care if we'll be late or what. Happy-go-lucky, they are. Because their time-in is still at 8, and ours is at 7:20. We often leave the house at around 7. Hello? Our house is located far away from our school. Seems like they're not time conscious. Dad will just rush whenever the national anthem plays on the radio because it's a signal that it's already 7, or minutes past 7 in the morning. Even if you ask my sister about this, she would agree a hundred percent!

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