Jun 25, 2011


If two past lovers remain friends, it's either someone is still in love, or someone is still hoping for a second chance. 
Yesterday, i hit the bed as soon as i got home. I was so tired strolling at the mall with Ate Pam. Sooo, i think i slept at around 4 o'clock in the afternoon then i woke up at 9 in the evening. Great, just great. I had a good sleep. I even seemed to be a clock turning clockwise and counter-clockwise the bed. Hahaha!! I felt hungry so i ate dinner and everything. I know i would be having hard times in sleeping 'cause i already woke up late.

At around 10 o'clock, everybody in the house was already sleeping except me. I never felt sleepy. Had a great time reblogging photos at Tumblr then i didn't noticed the time. It was already 12 in the midnight. Dogs were already howling and i could even hear creepy sounds around the house. Lol.

Hit the bed past 12. Sent a group message hoping for someone to reply, but failed. So, i forced myself to close my eyes and sleep. ZZZZZZ

I woke up at around 10 in the morning this day. So, i had this weirdest dream. I thought it was real 'cause i tweeted what had happened and all. I don't know where that place was, but i was pretty sure that there's a scene that he appeared on our classroom. I was crying that time then i walked out from i don't know. I can't really picture out who that person was. Haha. Then i went inside our classroom to get my bag, then he was there. He asked me why i'm crying then i bowed down my head. He said something but i couldn't remember it. I was sure that i said.. "No, your girlfriend will get mad", but in dialect. Then i don't know. He kissed me for like seconds. Lol. I was startled, then left him while i was crying.

Omg i don't really know what to feel. Hahaha. It was only just a dreaaaaam. Well, weirdest dream. Nevermind. Maybe he misses me that's why i dreamt of him. Afdklfjdk :p

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