Jun 24, 2011


Last Tuesday, we had this group activity on Filipino. We were groupmates, and i was the leader. Duh. So, i let my classmate reserve a seat for me so we won't, you know.. seat together. Hahaha! Awkward times. So yeah, i was already seated then he seated beside me. Bummer!!! Now i felt really awkward. I didn't even knew i was cold that time. Silly. I was supposed to make the explanation for the group activity but it turned out to be the opposite. My mind went blank. Like seriously. I can't think properly. I have nothing to write and all. He started talking to me and his face was soooo near. I can't look straight at him so i just looked down. Hahaha!! He was recalling the past. Blah blah blah. It was reaaaally awkward. His friends started to call him and they were teasing us. Lol. Btw, it was my x-bestfriend whom we were talking about. He keeps on insisting that i had a relationship with that x-bestfriend of mine. I really wanna cry that time 'cause he won't believe me. 

Just to clear things out, i never liked a girl and i never will be having a relationship with a girl. That's hilarious. People used to think we were in a relationship 'cause we were so close. The reason why i started parting ways with her because i found out that she likes me. The heck. Her brothers and the friends of her brothers were insisting that we had a relationship too. Damn it. Well, i can't please everybody. They are not me. If that's what they think, so be it. I don't care, but really, it hurts me.

Yesterday, Hannah talked to me. She accidentally said what she and Snap talked about. Btw, Snap and him is just the same. So, she said she talked to him last Tuesday during our computer period. She asked him "How's you and your girlfriend?", then he said they already broke up. Then he added, "I'm into Mawee." Wehhhhhh seriously. Eventhough it's not believable, i still got those butterflies flying on my tummy. Hahahaha okay. Who cares.

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