Jun 11, 2011


Hahaha, so the title's not really related to this post. I can't think of any appropriate title for this. So, pardon. Uhh, last night.. Yeah, i was facing the computer of course, which made me forget where i placed my cellphone. This usually happens to me. Careless whisper. Lol, so yeah. When i found it, i got 31 messages. I was really hoping that i would see his name on one of those senders but... No, there's no Snap spotted. So, i just sent a group message before i went to sleep.
Crush ko? Animal lover yun! Tingnan mo yung girlfriend, mukhang askal. HAHAHA BITTER PERO PANALO XD Nyt!!
So, that was a quote i saw on facebook. I'm not insulting anyone. I just found that amusing. So, while sending that message, i didn't noticed that i fell fast asleep 'cause that's already 11 in the evening. When i woke up this day, i scanned my inbox. I was really astounded when i saw his name. I shouldn't have slept so i could reply!! Lol. Then i read what it said.. Hahahaha! Sino pala crush mo? Omg guess who asked. The heck he cares about my crush. Aye aye! It's still him. Yeah, the one who asked. Snap. Hahahahahahha!!!

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