Jun 10, 2011

Senior life

I have sooooo many things to blog about but i didn't get the chance to use the pc. It's Friday now, so.. You know what i mean. Hahaha! Okay, you're slow if you don't get it :p

Our classes started last Monday. Too early, for me. The night before that back-to-school day, i really can't sleep. You know, it's getting on my nerves. I was trying to picture out scenarios that were possible to happen the next day. Who would my classmates be, and who will my adviser be. I admit i really had a hard time sleeping. I was piqued, at the same time, high-strung. As far as i could remember, i laid down at around 8:30 in the evening and went to sleep at 11. I was really bothered, disturbed, and whatever.

June 6, back to school! I didn't understand why i woke up soooo early. Yep, as early as 4 in the morning. Or should i say 3:30 'cause our clock's advance for 30 minutes. I forced myself to sleep again but i can't. All i did was walk, sat down, laid down the sofa, looked at the clock, then repeat. Hahaha!

I arrived at school at around 7. Met my friends then looked for my section. While i was taking a glimpse on the list, my heart pumped faster. I was trying to read the names of my future classmates. In my mind was all like.. Who the hell are these people? I don't know them. Seriously. Good thing, i have some past classmates with me. We sat down with our section on the bleachers 'cause there will be a general assembly, which sucks. Izzo hot in the covered court, you know. Too crowded especially because it's the first day of the schoolyear. Okay so yeah, the very unexpected part was that we're classmates. Yeah, him. Lol, let's call him Snap. I really got freaking nervous that time, knowing that we will be together in one section. Awkward!! I don't even know how this could happen. The night before, i was thinking what if we will be classmates the same time. Now, we really are. Damn it!!! I shouldn't have think of that. It's just really really really awkward.

On the same day, well it only happened at night.. Uhhh, i got an unexpected text from him. Yep, from Snap. He was saying sorry for blocking me using his feet. Then i forgave him and all. He then asked me why i don't talk to him, or even smile. As if we were strangers. I seriously don't know what to reply. I just told him i'm bashful. Bwahahaha!!! But that is true :p

The next day, we elected our classroom officers. One thing i'm scared of is to be the president again. I still got the trauma of what had happened when i was still a junior. The trauma of always being scolded in front of my classmates because of the fact that everything was my fault and my adviser doesn't even appreciate anything from me. Well, nevermind. Past is past. So, i was nominated. Damn! My heart started to beat fast that time. Like, really fast. So, when it's my turn to talk, i thanked the one who nominated me and explained everything-- That i don't want to be the president anymore because of this and that. Our adviser understood me, so as with my classmates. So, the elected president was Johanna. The table is now open for the nominations for vice president. Rani raised her hand and nominated me. I waited for someone to nominate anyone else but no one raised. So, i highly nominated Rani too. Our classmates were all laughing. Good thing, Rani won. Yes yes, i am safe!! Before Joh opened the table for the nominations for the secretary, someone shouted.. Mawee nanaman yan ba! Then we were all laughing. Agian, i was nominated but Germaine won. Hahaha safe again. Now, for the treasurer. Brandon nominated me then the whole class was bursting out laughing again including me. He was telling our classmates to raise their hands for me to win. Roflmao! I won. It's really the first time that i was assigned as the treasurer. Since gradeschool upto first year, i was used to be the secretary. Second year, i became the vice president. Then third year, the president. Then now??? I would handle the money money moneyyyyy. I should be responsible enough. Ughhh! I admit i'll miss those times that i used to be the one who will assign the prayer leaders for the day, to let my classmates form their lines outside the room before the bell rings and to clean the room whether i'm a cleaner or not. But i'm already tired. Tired of getting scolded for making mistakes, tired of crying, and tired of failing. I don't want anybody to expect too much from me, because i know they'll just get disappointed.

Had lots of activities this week, and got the chance to meet our subject teachers. Yes, they're strict but we could get along with them at the same time. I need to strive harder. I need to be more more more responsible and disciplined especially that i'm a graduating student. I wanna be successful. Winks!! ;)


  1. Good job!

    Congratulations for being elected as the class' treasurer. Sikat ka pala dun ha? Wheee!!!

    I almost forgot that you are now a graduating stud. Make good and keep up the good work. I am impressed by your writings. Talo mo na me.

  2. Naks!! *insert Alfalfa's way of saying thank you here* Mehehe! I'm not, really not =.=


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