May 17, 2011


Just so you know, this is my second account on Blogspot. I just made this because i'm bored and i also can't change my layout because my aunt paid for it. What i post here, will also be posted on my first account. Lol. I love copy pasting. Insert evil smirk here.

It's already past 10 in the evening and i'm still awake. I used to sleep so late these past few days. I don't know. I'm a vampire. Kidding. My mom and dad are scolding me already. I'm a cyber addict according to them. Like what? I am not. Hahaha! Oh well, whatever they say.

Right now, i still have no plans of sleeping. I'm still on Skype with my aunt all the way from North Carolina. Just sayin'. I'm not yet sleepy. I'm still hyped. Gees. No. Joke. I'm starting to sound silly now. Bye!

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