May 17, 2011

Celebrity Crush

Yep, you got that right. It's Sam Concepcion. Seriously, i've been having a crush on him since i was 10. I used to save his pictures and print it. Lol, am i that obsessed? I guess not. It came to the point that i assumed that he's my boyfriend and my mom knows about that. Once, i dreamt of him. I won't tell what really happened 'cause i may sound stupid. But that dream really had a big impact on me. I woke up that day smiling and it made those people in the house wonder. Hahaha! Believe it or not, i cleaned my room which i really do seldom. I am lazy, you know. But that day was different. I became hyper. Lol. I am a shallow person, but small things could already make me happy and that's what i love about myself.

After how many years of hoping, i finally got to see him here in GenSan. Teehee. Those times were really priceless. It's as if he was having a mini-concert. I didn't even care what i looked like while i was jumping and shouting with my friends behind our seats. All that matters to us is that we're having fun although we are not that close to touching him. Hahaha! We're not like those other girls who were really warfreak that time. Ugh. It's just that they don't have what you called discipline. They were selfish. All they thought of were their selves. They didn't care about those people who they step into. Oh well. Past is past. What's important is that we were all happy, especially me.

One thing i hated after his show was that everyone was already acting like they're so obsessed with him. It's not that i'm being selfish. It's just weird. Yes, he's a celebrity but he was just like a normal person for every girl here in town except for me until he had a show here. Am i jealous? Sort of. I don't even know why. Lol. This will pass, i know.

I even remembered my mom asking me how was his show then she told me not to worry because Sam will visit me privately in our house. Hahaha!! Cool mom i got here, right? That's why i love her. And another! I told her to surprise me on my 18th birthday to invite Sam and be my escort and she was just laughing. I'm hilarious, i know. That would still be 4 years from now, and i'm already trying to picture out scenes that would possibly happen.

"This will not be the last", said Sam. I'm still looking forward to seeing him, soon. ♥

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