May 17, 2011


So i met this guy on Tumblr. He's from Korea so he's a Korean, obviously. He could speak english because he grew up at New York, if i'm not mistaken. I used to talk to him, but i don't know what had happened. Maybe because he's already popular to girls? I don't know. It's just that, we used to share our secrets. But now, i could only count the times that we talk.

He told me he likes me, but i didn't mind it. I don't even know what he meant by that. Now, i think i like him, too. My heart skips a beat whenever i see him online on Facebook. I always check his page. No, it's not called stalking. It's just like he makes my day complete without him knowing it.

While i was scanning his post, i stumbled upon those anons asking him who his crush is. And from that day on, i'm starting to get curious. Was it me because he told me he likes me? I asked some of my friends. They were telling me it's possible. And on my part, i expected. We could never get rid of expecting, right? People always expect which leads to their disappointment.

Finally, he revealed who his crush is. Guess what. It's not me. Hahahaha! I was really bummed out that moment. That's my price of expecting too much, i guess. I've learned my lesson. Never let those sweet words fool you. Right? Ughhh.

So, i'll be forgetting all about this.

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