May 19, 2011


Just this morning, my sister and i went to school by ourselves for us to be enrolled. At first, we really don't know what to do or where to go. We were like lost creatures. Lol. Until we found the procedures to follow. First, we went to the guidance offices. I, myself, filled up my sister's form. I acted as if i was the parent. We were laughing, then proceeded to the next step.

I never thought enrolling was kind of tiring, but i really had fun!At least, i burned calories just by walking back and forth the campus. Hahaha! The funny thing there was that i forgot to bring ballpen. Damn! Now, where would we find ballpens, huh? So, i had the guts to borrow a ballpen from a parent earlier. That sucked, really.

You know the feeling when it was your first time to enroll by yourself? At first i was twitchy, but as the time passed by, i was enjoying what i was doing. Lol. Atleast i experienced being independent. Hurrah for me!

Since it's a very hot morning lately, my sister and i decided to go to McDonalds with our childhood bestfriend, Karla. It was really awkward because she's way taller than me, you know. Lol. We ordered hot fudge. Well yeah, it's perfect for a very hot morning. Then, burger and fries! Yummy. After eating, we really didn't had the plan of going home. We wanted to stroll at the malls but hey soul sister, our pockets are too empty. Poor us. So, we just decided to go home.

Let's call it a day. A very happy day. One achievement, baby! :)

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