May 18, 2011


I just found this post on my old personal Tumblr account and it made me laugh so hard. Sheeesh! I wrote this after our final exams.

Here comes our math exam. I was really confident in answering because of the fact that i really did study. I memorized the formulas and all. While i was solving for the median, i was astonished that my answer reached a hundred. I know something was really going wrong. I reviewed everything, from the table to the summations. It was all right. I was staring at my answer for a couple of minutes wondering what's really wrong. Then, i proceeded. After i finished the rest of the test, i went back to the page where i really doubt if my answer was right. I was scratching my head and i was typing numbers repeatedly on my sci-calculator until our proctor told us we only have eight minutes left. I was panicking then finally, i got contented with what i actually wrote. I know something is really wrong. If you see kaye!! I was aiming for a perfect score then suddenly here comes the annoying median. Call it regret. I could really use a wish right now, wish right noooow.

Hahahaha! I am so dumb.

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