Aug 14, 2011

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The truth is. I'm not strong enough to let things go. I'm not strong enough to ignore things. I'm not strong enough to move on from things. I'm not strong enough to face or to deal with things. I wish I was, though. I wish I wasn't weak.
That awesome feeling when you've finally  moved on. It's been so long since i've been falling apart, and hurting inside. I know i don't deserve this. Now, i think it's the time for me to be happy, too! I'm tired of hoping. I'm tired of expecting shit. I'm tired of every single thing! I've been telling myself that what he's doing shouldn't affect me but.. it's not that easy. Whenever he talks to me, or even just smile at me, i never fail to get those butterflies. But now? Ha! I don't care. The last time he talked to me, i cried as a lover. But it's not like that anymore. Things will never be the same again. Thanks to my friends! They were the ones who helped me realize that he's not worth the pain.

La vie est belle!!!!!


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