Jul 10, 2011


Last Friday was one of the best days that happened. We had our P.E as the last period and our teacher was absent. Hahahah! So, instead of conducting the physical fitness tests, the girls played patintero. We just played along the hallway going to the aspirancy house 'cause the freshmen were having their acquaintance party. Great! The place was very spacious. Insert sarcasm here. Hmm, so yeah. There were plenty of us so there's a least possibility that an opponent would have a point.

At the middle of the game, two boys joined us. I won't mention names :p I consider it very confidential. Lol. Yeaaaah, it was a lot more fun. Until the bell rang, everybody went back to the classroom, and yay! Class dismissed.

I nearly forgot that i need to clean the classroom. Darn it, only me, Vlad, Richard, and Joshua were the ones who stayed. The others already went home. Rani was there with us eventhough she isn't a cleaner. While i was sweeping the floor, Richard saw my uniform on my paperbag. You know what he did? He wore the skirt and folded his pants so it won't show up. Hahahah!! Rani took a video of him while i took pictures, and i'm planning to upload it soon. Evil smirks.

K thanks. That day will never be forgotten for some reasons. Beep boop.

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