Jul 10, 2011


If you'd ask me who that boy is, well.. He's my superman. Lol omg. Kidding. I like him. Elmo Magalona and him has similarities but i find him more attractive. July 3, i forgot the time. Hahaha!! I wasn't really expecting that he would message me. That was on twitter, obviously. I have shallow happiness, i know. So, you were wondering why his message went like that? I tweeted him, "@kimpoyfeliciano Now i guess i'm not that lucky to have a DM from you. Hahaha oh well, good things come to those who wait :)" Then after a couple of minutes, i was astonished that i saw his name on my direct messages. I was very speechless that time. Even my mom was puzzled why i kept on smiling. Afjsjflkjdsfkl.

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