Jun 4, 2011

Hi hi hi

Hi. Noticed anything? Hahaha! Just had my haircut earlier. I want a new look before the class starts. To be honest, my hair really isn't that short just like what you see on that pic. Lol sheeeesh! I'll cut my hair that short the next time. I love it that way. Everyone else do, too. I posted it on facebook and set it as my profile picture. Hahaha!

Classes will start on June 6. Yep, on Monday. That means i'll be inactive. I really don't understand what i feel right now. I'm excited.. to see my friends, of course. Lol. But i'm too sluggard to wake up very early in the morning every day. Again. Oh well. Life must go on.

1 comment:

  1. I love your new haircut. Looking good eh! I will have my haircut next week too. :)

    Good luck in school! Yogi's classes will end on Friday, June 10.


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