May 21, 2011


One thing i love about Twitter is that i get to know the celebrities more. I keep on tweeting them, but i rarely get a reply. Last year, i think? Saab and Maxene Magalona, Kiray Celis, Jessy Mendiola and Alessandra de Rossi tweeted me back. Happiness, indeed. Last year also, James Maslow from Bigtime Rush followed me. I was really astounded that time knowing that i am not even following him. Where on earth did he found my twitter account then? Hahaha. I love you, James. Then, here comes Miranda Cosgrove, Cody Simpson, Charlie Green, and Chase Landon. Lol. Am i that lucky enough? No. I seriously wanted to be noticed by my celeb crush, Sam Concepcion. Include Justin Bieber there.

Lately, i was on my second twitter account. Someone's asking me for a follow back then when i went to her account, i was shocked when Paul Salas is following her. C'mon, i like him too. Hahaha!! Then, i was asking her how she got him to follow her then suddenly i refreshed my page. From 41, my followers gone up to 42. I checked who it was then kablam!! Paul Salas followed me. Seriously?? I wasn't expecting for a follow back. Hahaha! I was freaking out that time. Really freaking out. Saw that gif above? Very relevant to what i did a while ago. Now, acting as if i ain't contented, i want him to follow me back on my main account. Demanding!!

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