May 29, 2011

Omg hahaha

I hate explaining shit to those people who don’t even listen and understand how i feel. Like srsly? I’m tired. Real tired. That bitch is talking behind my back, i know. Why? What’s happening to her? I thought she was a real friend. But hell to the no. I was wrong. She’s consoling her friends that i’m a badass freak. Not just her friends, even some of my classmates. I don’t really understand why she’s doing those things. She’s really desperate to backfight me infront of my friends and as if they’ll give credence to her. Are you insecure, or what? I’ve never done anything to you. I was a good friend of yours. I used to be so concerned with you. But why the hell are you doing this to me? You’re taking advantage simply ‘cause i don’t know how to fight back? Pathetic. You’re looking for war ‘cause you haven’t encountered that for a moment and you’re used to it? Fine! But why me? I am naive. I am fragile. You know i get hurt easily. You know i can’t burst out showing that i’m antagonized. Instead, i just cry on a corner like a sad puppy and wanted to feel relieved. I’m weak. I hide what i feel. I smile, i laugh, but deep inside i’m shattered. I don’t know what to do now. I’m trying to ignore those things, but i can’t. It bothers me. I even force myself not to cry, but i can’t help it. Dang!
 Copy paste. Lol i saw this in one of my posts in my personal tumblr account. I can't even remember who i was referring to in that post. Hahahaha i never knew i could write that way especially when i'm mad.

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