May 18, 2011

First time

My sister and i are still not enrolled. Mom told us that we should be the ones to enroll ourselves without them. I was like seriously? I still don't know what to do. Don't laugh at me. Lol. I know there are procedures to follow but i'm scared. Yep, because it's my mom who used to enroll us. Hahaha! I know it's for our own good. We should learn how to be independent. Right? Especially me, that i'll soon turn college.

I thought of having Karla with us tomorrow because she's still not enrolled, too. And she's a transferee. She's my childhood bestfriend, by the way. I told her my plans, and she thought that was a good idea. Hmm? Anyways, good luck for us tomorrow. I would consider this one of my accomplishments. Yep! :)

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