May 17, 2011

Best friend

I miss my bestfriend. My only guy bestfriend. There’s just something special about him. I never thought we would be this close. I can’t even remember how our friendship started. I already treat him as my older brother. I love it how he tells me his deepest secrets. It’s just a proof that he trusts me. We’re always together whenever we’re at school which came to the point that people ask us if we’re dating. That sucks. We just laugh about it. I don’t know how people could be that narrow-minded. If they see you together with a boy, they always think he’s your boyfriend. Hmmkay. So, last last night, he texted me, saying he misses me. Seriously, i never expected that from him. I felt happy. It was the first time he told me that. Hahaha! Just to let you know, i already fell in love with him. I think it was last Christmas break. He knew about it and even stayed away from me. I forced myself to like someone else because i really want our friendship back. I’ve learned my lesson. Now, we’re much much closer than before. I always comfort him, especially nowadays that he’s kind of heart-broken. It’s just that i never get tired of making his frown upside down.

Last last night, I was astounded when in the middle of our conversation, he asked me what if i was the one whom he had fallen in love with. I was like what? But seriously, what if? You know i already fell in love with him which i considered a mistake. Past is past. Lol. Then he told me that he was very lucky to have me as his bestfriend. I find that very sweet of him. He also made a promise that he’ll be my bestfriend even when we get older. He’s acting weird. He’s not like that. But.. Oh well. I’m lucky to have him, too. Cheers for my best friend. Hahaha.

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