May 19, 2011


So there’s this girl who always tries to get the attention of my cousin. It’s kind of getting annoying. Earlier, she PMed (private messaged) my cousin and it goes like this..

Girl: Pwede favor? Can you do me a favor?
Cousin: Sure, ano? Sure, what?
Girl: Pwede ka magpanggap na boyfriend ko? Can you act like my boyfriend?

And we were all like.. what the hell?

Girl: Please?
Cousin: Bakit? Why?
Girl: Please?
Cousin: Bakit?? Why??
Girl: Gina-insulto man gud ako! They’re insulting me!
Cousin: Sino gainsulto sayo? Who’s insulting you?
Girl: Pinsan ko tska pamangkin niya. My cousin and his/her niece/nephew.

Then we were all like.. Oh really?? Then i was the one who replied without her knowing that it was already me.

Cousin (me): ORLY? IDGAF

My cousin was like.. What? Hahaha!! We were all laughing. The girl still keeps on forcing him to act like her boyfriend and he was all like.. Lie lie lie lie lie. C’mon, it’s pretty obvious that she just wants everyone to know that my cousin is her boyfriend. Girls nowadays. Ugh. Tbh, we bullied the girl through chat. Lol! Don’t mess with the beasts, honey.

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