Aug 29, 2011


After hell week, the Dameans or should i say Maristas, said hello to freedom week. Lol! Intrams is fast approaching so we spend time practicing for the different events. I joined the production number since i don't wanna join ball games. Haha!! Yeaaah, i met new friends and got a chance to be much closer to some of my classmates. I'm always with them because of the fact that we make props together and all. We also go home together, share laughters, tell stories and secrets, and hang out. That's the thing that makes me happy. I don't know. It's just that i'm in high spirits whenever i'm with them. I've realized i still got friends. Real friends. So guys, if you happen to read this, thanks a lot!!!

PS: Nevermind the picture. I just loved my pa-cute face in it. Hahaha!!

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