May 17, 2011


Yesterday, i unfollowed thousands of people on Tumblr. Yep! Thousands, and it made me dizzy. Lol. Why did i unfollowed them? Simple! Because my dash is flooded. I can't see posts of others anymore. And one thing, sometimes i see inappropriate posts. It's just that i regret following some of them. Seriously.

When i opened my messages, an account which i unfollowed messaged me. She was thanking me for unfollowing her. Was she insulting me or what? It got lots of smileys. As if she really want to be recognized that i unfollowed her. Like duh, i don't relate to her posts. But that doesn't mean her blog sucks. I just don't understand why she really need to thank me with lots of annoying smileys on her message.

A lesson has been learned: i shouldn't follow everyone back. I need to check their blogs and see if i could relate to them. Just saying.

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