May 20, 2011


Don't you just love it when you get unexpected texts? Awww! Last night, while i was reading those unread messages in my phone's inbox, something popped up. It's a flash message. Hoy spongebob, it said. Guess whose that message came from. Hahaha! Then, i replied, hoy patrick. Omg, is this some kind of let's-bring-the-past-back thing? No. Seriously, i have no idea how our conversation came to the point that he told me it doesn't matter, we both have ulcers, i can bring you to the clinic everyday, we'll be together. That gif above, it's perfect for what i really felt last night. As if i wanna scream on top of my lungs but i can't, so i just hugged my pillow tight. I smiled, and i bet i blushed. Lol. Why am i even having those butterflies again? I thought i've moved on but... Damn!! I'm speechless.

I shouldn't expect, so i won't get hurt. I won't let his sweet thoughts fool me again. Weh. Hahahaha!! Kinikilig ako. Yun lang!! Hanggang dun lang! Promise.

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  1. Hmmmm...Spongebob and Patrick, huh? Where is Mr. Crab? LOL. Seriously, who is Patrick?


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