May 18, 2011

Kids nowadays

I don't understand how some kids nowadays have all those gadgets that i want. They also have their boyfriends or girlfriends, and it is too obvious especially on Facebook. When i was their age, i used to play jackstones, chinese garter, barbie dolls, things like those. But now? Those kids are out there flirting. I admit my sister is one of those. No, she's not flirting, but she had already her boyfriend. Puppy love, i guess. I was really astounded to hear that from her. C'mon, she's just eleven! On her facebook, her status was in a relationship with that guy.

It's also funny hearing other kids gossiping, especially girls about their boyfriends. When i was their age, my friends and i were talking about cartoon characters. Big difference! Is this how the new generation should be acting right now? I bet they are all influenced by technology.

Leggo, kids! Hahaha


Speak no evil.